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Spanish 4A is for first semester level 4 high school Spanish, and 4B is for second semester level 4 high school Spanish.

For my Spanish 4A & 4B lesson plans, I used vocabulary from a few different AP vocab lists so that Spanish 4 could be an AP-prep class between Spanish 3 and AP Spanish. The vocab is presented and taught via skits and readings just like my other lesson plan books levels 1 – 3, but Spanish 4 alternates these vocab/skit lessons with culture/Spanish conversation-and-discussion lessons that are aligned with four AP Spanish Language and Culture themes and center on a focus country for that theme (Contemporary Life/Argentina, Families and Communities/Puerto Rico, World Challenges/El Salvador, and Beauty and Aesthetics/México.)

The lessons include a complete vocab list by semester for students, a grammar topics list by semester for students, daily warm-up quizzes, skit scripts, page-long Spanish readings recycling the vocab/grammar content of the skit, culture topics and questions (with links to websites and videos) for class discussion with accompanying authentic readings, graphic organizers, and writing activities, grammar topics (you use your own worksheets to go with the topic) and grammar homework assignments, two “mini” tests per semester plus midterm and final exam (plus practice tests for each.) My lessons are designed so that once you have your copies made, you can just flip the pages and teach. All masters included that I possibly could without violating copyrights.


Spanish 4A 2014 Vocab, Culture & Grammar Topic List

Spanish 4B 2014 Vocab, Culture & Grammar Topic List


Span 4A Culture & Grammar Lesson 5

Span 4A Vocab & Reading Lesson 24