Spanish 3A & 3B

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My Spanish 3A is for first semester level 3 high school Spanish, and 3B is for second semester level 3 high school Spanish.

My focus in Spanish 3 is to get students speaking Spanish more conversationally, so each lesson includes a daily guided conversation topic (question) for partners and/or groups to discuss. I also want to get them started doing more expository Spanish writing, so 3A contains 6 “journal prompts” on topics such as school plans and friendships, and 3B has 4 journal prompts on topics such as art and the environment. At this level, I definitely want to start preparing students more explicitly for the speaking and writing demands of AP Spanish Language and Culture should they choose to go that far in our program.

My Spanish 3A and B lessons teach sets of vocab strings with skits just like levels 1 and 2 do, and include a pretty heavy load of grammar topics. 3A reviews pronouns, present tense, ser and estar, preterit and imperfect, and present progressive; it introduces present subjunctive, future, and conditional, past progressive, and present perfect. 3B introduces past perfect, reviews and digs a little deeper into preterit and imperfect as well as the present subjunctive, then reviews future and conditional, and if you and your students are up for it, ends with past subjunctive. (I sometimes don’t get that far in the lessons and that’s okay!)

The lessons include a complete vocab list by semester for students, a grammar topics list by semester for students, daily warm-up quizzes, skit scripts, page-long Spanish readings recycling the vocab/grammar content of the skit, daily conversation topics and sentence-starters for responses, writing activities, grammar topics (you use your own worksheets to go with the topic) and grammar homework assignments, two “mini” tests per semester plus midterm and final exam (plus practice tests for each.) My lessons are designed so that once you have your copies made, you can just flip the pages and teach. All masters are included that I possibly could without violating copyrights.


Spanish 3A 2012 Vocab List

Spanish 3B 2012 Vocab List


Span 3A Lesson 9