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My Spanish 2A lessons are for first semester level 2 high school Spanish, and 2B is for second semester level 2 high school Spanish.

My focus in level 2 is to build on students’ fluency and vocab from level 1, reinforce present tense as much as possible, and teach the preterit and imperfect. Vocab sets in my level 2 books are taught with TPR and daily skits, then reinforced with page-long Spanish readings that recycle the content from the skit. 2A has very long vocab lists (such as professions, places around town, etc.) taken from our textbook’s vocab lists in the first 4 chapters, most of which I teach with TPR (either with motions, visuals, or both,) and then I focus more deeply on some of that vocab for the skit and reading. The first half of 2A is a review of present tense, so the skits and readings are in present tense for the first 15 lessons; the second half of 2A introduces past tense in the readings only. 2B features a greatly reduced new-vocab load so that we can focus more fully on the preterit and imperfect (and all the skits and readings are in past tense.)

The lessons include a complete vocab list by semester for students on the CD-rom, daily warm-up quizzes, skit scripts, page-long Spanish readings recycling the vocab/grammar content of the skit, graphic organizers, cooperative learning activities, writing activities, grammar topics (you use your own worksheets to go with the topic) and grammar homework assignments on the CD-rom, two “mini” tests per semester plus midterm and final exam. My lessons are designed so that once you have your copies made, you can just flip the pages and teach. All masters are included that I possibly could without violating copyrights.


Spanish 2A 2009 Vocab List

Spanish 2B 2009 Vocab List


Span 2A 2009 Lesson 6

Span 2B 2009 Lesson 6