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My Spanish 1A and 1B 2009 Version books were written for high school level 1 Spanish; 1A is for first semester level 1 and 1B is for second semester level 1.

At level 1, I want to get them speaking and writing Spanish with enthusiasm and confidence by the end of the first semester, and I do that primarily by teaching vocab sets with skits and readings. My 1A uses textbook vocab lists and grammar topics and starts out with greetings and introductions, descriptions of people, subject and object pronouns, and basic verbs like tener, ser, estar, and ir. Vocab sets are taught with TPR and skits and reinforced in page-long Spanish readings. By the end of level 1, I have most students writing 100-word 10-minute narrative Spanish essays with no dictionary help as well as narrating simple Spanish stories by looking at stick figure drawings and describing what’s going on, also with no dictionary help.

The lessons include a complete vocab list by semester for students on the CD-rom, daily warm-up quizzes, skit scripts, page-long Spanish readings recycling the vocab/grammar content of the skit, graphic organizers, writing activities, cooperative learning activities, grammar topics (you use your own worksheets to go with the topic,) two “mini” tests per semester plus midterm and final exam. My lessons are designed so that once you have your copies made, you can just flip the pages and teach. All masters are included that I possibly could without violating copyrights.


Spanish 1A 2009 Vocab List

Spanish 1B 2009 Vocab List


Span 1A 2009 Lesson 9

Span 1B 2009 Lesson 1

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