Spanish 1A & 1B 2005 Version

Cover Jalen Waltman's 2005 Span 1ACover Jalen Waltman's 2005 Span 1BLevel 1 Spanish for middle school – BUY NOW

These were the first Spanish lesson plan books I wrote, while I was teaching 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Spanish at the middle school level. The vocabulary list is shorter and more simplified than my newer Spanish 1 books and is loosely based on the old Dime Uno textbooks published by McDougal Littell in the 90’s. The skits are more geared for middle school students sense of humor, with fewer dating/jobs/cars stories than my newer 2009 Spanish 1 books (which include completely new skits, none repeated from these 2005 books.)

These older books are more “homemade” and include more hand-drawn pages and activities than my newer stuff, but the skits, games, and other activities still get rave reviews so I’m still selling them. If you’re teaching middle school and you need lessons that don’t repeat the skits for Spanish 1 at the high school level, then these books are a good bet.


Spanish 1A 2005 Vocab List

Spanish 1B 2005 Vocab List


Span 1B Original 2005 Lesson 22