English 1A & 1B

Cover Jalen Waltman's 2005 English 1ACover Jalen Waltman's 2005 English 1BLevel 1 English for middle or high school (English translation of 2005 Spanish 1 lesson plans) – BUY NOW

These books are an English translation of my original 2005 Spanish 1 lesson plans, with all the skits, quizzes, tests, and activities in English (so the first skit is “The Baby” instead of “El bebĂ©.” The lessons can be used for teaching English as a foreign/second language, or as a resource for teachers of languages other than Spanish (Chinese, German, etc.) who would just like some good skits to translate and use in their classes.

These books have a lot more stick figure drawings because the quizzes and tests had to be modified to match English word to picture, rather than English to Spanish. Other than that, they follow the exact format and include everything that’s in my older 2005 Spanish lesson plan books. I sell them mostly to people who are teaching ESL, here in the US as well as overseas.


English 1A 2005 Vocab List

English 1B 2005 Vocab List


Eng 1A Lesson 8

Eng 1B Lesson 22